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Are you interested in launching a career in tech?

Or are you interested in knowing more about tech jobs? Join us for this Le Wagon Talk in partnership with women.code(be). During the evening, you'll get the chance to get to know three professionals from the software development and the data science industry.

Evening Program

We are currently working on our lineup and still have a few speaker slots available. So if you're interested, check out this info doc regarding talk topics and talk lengths:

And feel free to reach out to us if you have any specific questions. You can reach us via or via our social media platforms.

Career Talks

Marta Lufarelli - Remote Sensing Scientist

I'm an Electronic Engineer by education, after completing my master studies in Rome. I moved to Brussels in 2006 to join Rayference, a private R&D company focusing on radiation transfer. Since then, I have participated in many international projects coordinated by the European Space Agency and the European commission, presenting my work in international conferences. Meanwhile, I have obtained my PhD at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). On the side, I volunteered as blog content writer for the campaign 1million women in STEM ( and as editor for the Space4Women Show, an independent initiative in the framework of the Space4Women ( project funded by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA). In my free time, I teach and practice Yoga and I'm a passionate salsa dancer.

About Marta

I am a Remote Sensing Scientist, I work with satellite data to retrieve information about the particles (aerosols) suspended in the atmosphere, which have a huge impact on the climate, on air quality and on human health. My talk will thus be on the retrieval of these aerosols from space observation instruments. Apart from a strong scientific background, good programming skills are essential to this job. Satellite images consist of large databases that need to be processed by fast and robust algorithms. I will show how a job in the Earth Observation field is exciting, challenging, motivating, and a great opportunity to feel part of a bigger community working together for a common and collective goal: understanding our planet and finding solutions for a better future.

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Floriane Magera - Innovation Engineer

What’s an Innovation Engineer ? In my case, this is rather a computer vision engineer job. I work in a world of images, in the industry of sports broadcasting. My employer is EVS Broadcast Equipment, the leader in providing servers that allow the distribution of live content to all platforms (TV, social media, streaming..). As a computer vision engineer, I have access to every camera feed that is present for the production of an event, which enables some nice computer vision features. In my not-so-long career, I have been focusing on the automatic insertion of augmented reality graphics in sports content. Since I work in the live broadcasting industry, the speed of the algorithms I produce is critical. Fortunately, with computer vision and deep learning, it is now possible to do pretty cool stuff with a good GPU. In this talk, I will explain the first type of augmented reality that was enabled by deep learning at EVS, which was provided for a rather controversial product : the offside line for soccer.

About Floriane

I got my engineering degree in 2016 from the University of Liege. Since then I've been having a lot of fun as an Innovation Engineer at EVS. I also pursue a PhD in partnership with the University of Liege, which is about automatic camera calibration for sports content.

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Martin Van Aken - Freelance Software developer

From development to management - and back:
My whole career has been about programming - but it does not mean doing the same thing over and over. From my first job as a programmer for social security, I learned to work on a massive, old codebase as a cog in a big machine - and to climb the ladder. From creating a startup I learned about delivering fast - and some sales and marketing too. From failing that startup I learned about what I was good at and also what I liked. From being CTO of a scale up I learned about moving from mostly technical to mostly managerial, and making a team evolve with the company. From my last two years as a senior developer I learned a lot of technical stuff again and also about how to manage your boss.

Ah, I did learn some tech too.

About Martin

I'm Martin Van Aken. I've been developing and helping people develop software for the last 20 years. These days I fancy myself as a "specialist in nothing" meaning that I can pretty much play a "one person product team" - a "full stack" if you assume it starts at customer contact and ends with deployment and support - with everything in between. Before that I was a CTO, a backend developer, a startup founder, a team lead, a junior developer, a programming teacher and an economist (by training).

I'm probably the oldest person in this room - but I'm just at half of my career, so think twice if you believe it is "too late" to learn something new.

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