Want to host an event with us?

We’re always on the lookout for sponsors and companies that are interested in hosting one of our events.

Our most commonly known event is our TechTalks, an event where women who code can come together, learn from one another and spend time away from a male dominated environment.

Why host an event?

A small group of women networking at one of our meetups
  • To support minorities in tech and contribute to diversifying the tech industry
  • It will give women an opportunity to speak in front of a supportive audience
  • You'll be helping women build a stronger profesional network, find mentors and local role models
  • It is also a great way for you to connect with our community and tap into a niche pool of candidates

The details of hosting an event

When in-person events are possible, a venue with proper infrastructure is needed. For this we rely on the support of companies and organisations that let us make use of their space or are willing to rent such a space.

What are we expecting?

  • Proximity to public transport is important, women attend our events from all over Belgium
  • An event space for a minimum of 20 people where presentations can be given
  • We ask you to provide a minimum of drinks and snacks, but proper food is also very much appreciated
  • In terms of location, we focus on the major cities throughout Belgium
  • You will be asked to give a short talk about your company
  • (Optional) If you wish you can also invite one of your team members for a talk

Our part in hosting an event

We take on most of the event coordination, such as:

  • Communcation between all the involved parties
  • Creating event visuals for various platforms
  • Inviting guest speakers and on request, we also help them prepare for their presentation
  • Advertising the event throughout our network via various mediums.
  • Event registrations

When hosting an event at your company space is not an option, you can also opt to sponsor an event. The offered funding will be used to rent an accessible space that meets our event space requirements (as listed above), as well as to cover catering for the evening. Feel free to inquire more about this via the form below.

Get in touch

For event proposals we suggest using the form below as initial point of contact. (Tap the Submit a proposal-button to open the form)

At this time we are specifically looking for hosts and sponsors in the vincinity of Ghent or Brussels.

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