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Keeping your head down and working hard is not enough anymore. If you want to move onwards and upwards in this world you have to make sure the world knows your name. This can be hard when all you care about is the code and you don't want to look like a dick.

As Microsoft's #1 Social Seller on LinkedIn Globally - Michelle has more influence and engagement across that platform than Mark Russinovich. Michelle will share all my tips and tricks to help raise your profile with very little effort - so you can keep your focus where it counts.

Michelle Sandford

About Michelle

Surfs waves and webs. Level's up outside the (X)box. Keeps one jump ahead of the game(boy).

Tedx Speaker, Tech Girl Superhero, Microsoftie and one of MCV's 30 Most Influential Women in Games. I am a Technology Evangelist who acts as an API between technology and the world. I advocate for STEM, the Games Industry and Developers. I present at around 50 Conferences and Events around the world on Technology, Social Media, Inclusion and Gaming.

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